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What does Lisa Schroeder think about TBF?

TBF class of 2010

What an amazing event the Rochester Teen Book Festival is. As an author, it's such a joy to see so many teens excited about books and reading. The enthusiasm at the 2010 TBF event was palpable, and I'm sure that enthusiasm carried through in the following days and weeks as teens shared of their experiences in meeting authors and hearing them talk about books and writing. The event itself is absolutely incredible - no detail left unturned, and I do believe all book festivals should thrive to be like this one. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this event happen, because books matter and teens matter!!!

What does Patrick Jones think about TBF?

TBF class of 2011

Ive been doing this for years. Ive been a teen librarian since 1987 and an author of books for teenagers since 2004. Ive attended hundreds of events, programs, and conferences related to teens and reading. And Ive never seen anything like TBF. Ever. Not just all the fun stuff, like the marching bands, or the serious stuff, like the author panels. Not it is more than that; it is about connecting teens and books. Ive never seen it done on such a scale and so successfully. TBF is the evidence that disproves every negative stereotype about teens. They do read, they do get involved, they do contribute to their community, and they do love their libraries. TBF is more than just a book festival, it is positive youth development in action.

What does Simone Elkeles think about TBF?

TBF class of 2010, 2014

TBF set the bar for the biggest, most organized, and best teen book festival I've ever attended. It was a spectacular event and one not to be missed!

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